Overnight Oats: While Holding An Angry Baby


Smiling babies. Cute snuggly moments. A whole new level of sleep deprivation.

I’ve been doing this “Being A Mom” thing for almost seven months. Nothing about the mommy blogs, the books or even my midwife’s wise words prepared me for the absolute strangeness of being a new mom. I knew I was going to be tired. I knew it was going to be an emotional rollercoaster. I knew that I would at once be joyful and terrified.

Mommy-brain? Yeah, I was warned.

But I forgot how to make buttercream, ya’ll.

Buttercream. Me. Bye-bye. Gone. I’ve been making the same recipe for TEN YEARS.


I wrote it down, somewhere.

But I’m starting to get the hang of this. I’m starting to feel more confident with cooking again. So I figured it was time to get back at it. Here’s a recipe for how I make Overnight Oats. A set-it-and-forget-it breakfast perfect for mornings that you’ve had zero sleep, not enough coffee, and just need food now.

Overnight Oats

  • 1/2 cup old fashioned/rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup frozen fruit
  • Maple syrup or honey to taste
  • Peanut butter to taste – usually about a tablespoon for me

Take all of your ingredients and toss them together in a Tupperware container, or one of those mason jars if you want to ger complicated. Put it in the fridge, it’s ready to eat 4 hours later. You can eat it cold, it’s delicious. You can heat it up in the microwave too, also delicious. But, if you’ve got a new baby it’s going to be cold by the time you eat it anyway – so save yourself the effort.